[Tagging] Proposal: Rename wiki status "Approved" to "Published"

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Fri Apr 3 21:59:41 UTC 2015

Actually we can also rid of “Rejected” in the same way. I have seen example of (but cannot remember exactly what tag) of a “rejected” tag with many usages.

I rather change “Rejected” to “Not Recommended”, and with that kind of wording, “Approved” would rather be “Recommended (by 25 users)”.

A wiki vote doesn’t automatically mean a tag will have usages in the database, or if consumers will use that tag. Changing wording from “Approved”/“Rejected” to “Recommended”/“Not Recommended” might soften the differences. There are many “Approved” tags that are not rendered, or used by other data consumers, and there are “Rejected” tags that are supported in some thematic rendering, or in specific applications. The wiki is a good guideline to both mappers and consumers, but it doesn’t necessarily limit/ban the usage of tags.

As a data consumer I can set up usage of the tag teleledningsanka=*, but if I doesn’t communicate this in any form, I would probably not get any support for it. Also as a data consumer I might consider the tags of being highway too specific, and either not using certain classes, or combining multiple values in the same rendering rule (or for other usage).

After all, what is of interest to a data consumer is, how often do a certain data type occure and what the community mean with the different tags. It is good to know if a tag have been deprecated by another tagging scheme, and how many tags remain of the deprecated tag (TagInfo is a great tool for this). There is really no difference between an “Approved” or “De Facto” tag for a consumer in the sense that both generally have a good representation in usages. A “Rejected” tag or a “Deprecated” tag with a large number of usages should still be considered for usage by a consumer.

Aun Johnsen

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