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I want to +1 the idea of using leisure=range.

There are some dangerous sports where some people are allowed to be downfield, even if it's just the judges (shot-put, etc.).  But with shooting/archery sports, even the judges don't get on the field. That does make a distinction between the types of "playing areas" used. Having a separate tag makes sense to me. 


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>That's true - because the proper tag for it was not created yet and
>this is a case of tagging for the renderer. 
>A sports center may have an indoor range in a larger building, or the
>outdoor sports center is not mapped fully. 
>But if it is sport=archery + leisure=pitch it should be changed to
>Again, hockey players or even paintballers in the outfit (and
>protection) are supposed to be on the pitch when playing. 
>No one is supposed to be on 99% of the range when there is practicing
>going on. No one. If you are a contestant, you can't be in that area
>because you could be easily killed, let alone a bystander. 
>This is why it is a range, and not a pitch.
>A range area outlined the place *where you can't be* during practice
>A pitch outlines the place *where you should be* during practice. 
>Military has shooting range, not pitch for a reason. 
>Having practiced archery and shooting at ranges with the Boy Scouts and
>other private places (briefly), the facilities, rules, and no-mans land
>rules of the ranges are **exactly** the same.
>Ranges are a place to safely practice a sport. The basic understanding
>that "this area is safe for me to propel deadly projectiles meant to
>impale people and things because access is restricted" is quite
>different than any other sport - so they have a different name for the
>facility, and not marking/rendering ranges different than pitches would
>be a safety issue.
>They should be rendered differently and tagged differently from
>Having a range for guns and a pitch for archery makes no sense. 
>> On Apr 13, 2015, at 10:02 PM, Brad Neuhauser
><brad.neuhauser at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I get your, er, point, although I don't think you would want to
>randomly wander into a batting cage or hockey rink in the middle of
>practice either. :)
>> The bigger issue is there are over 1300 sport=archery tags, and both
>on the wiki and in actual usage, leisure=pitch (or sports_centre) is
>what's used with them, not range. Maybe there's a distinction one could
>make for range, but frankly, archery is the tag that'll let people know
>there are likely to be arrows flying around.
>>> On Mon, Apr 13, 2015 at 7:19 AM, John Willis <johnw at mac.com> wrote:
>>>> I've usually seen leisure=pitch used with archery. Scanning through
>the few features tagged with leisure=range, they appear to all be
>shooting ranges.
>>> The only big difference between them is the noise level and the
>length of the projectile. They both have designated stands for the
>person, the no-mans land of the range, targets of various forms, and
>some kind of projectile containment system (high walls, steel plate,
>dirt bank, etc). 
>>> There are quite a few archery ranges (on school grounds) here in
>Japan, and I sure as hell never want to accidentally go on one thinking
>it is a pitch. 
>>> A 3m long traditional bow looks like it could put a practice arrow
>through my body. 
>>> It has the word "range" in its title for a reason

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