[Tagging] RFC - obligatory usage - bicycle=obligatory

Volker Schmidt voschix at gmail.com
Tue Apr 14 07:08:58 UTC 2015

> How would you tag:

Here are my reformulated answers.
Note that the answers do not apply to all countries, and most certainly not
to the US, where to my knowledge there are no distinctions between bicycle
and pedestrian use of sidewalks and cycleways. More specifically, I believe
my replies are correct in Germany and Italy

1) Picture 1 with the blue traffic sign

My answer:
highway=path; foot=designated; bicycle=designated; segregated=yes.
In addition you may want to specify which side is the footway and which
side is the cycleway by lanes=2 and bicycle:lanes=yes|no and
You may also add colour:lanes=red|grey

> 2) Picture 1 without the blue traffic sign

My answer:
Anything of the following, depending on context:
But none of foot/bicycle=designated/official/yes

> 3) Picture 2 with the blue traffic sign

My answer:
exactly as in case (1) for the cycle-and-foot-way and in addition
bicycle=use_sidepath on the street

> 4) Picture 2 without the blue traffic sign

My answers:

Alternative (a)
Reason: If there is no sign whatsoever, I would consider both sides as
sidewalk (Buergersteig in German).

Alternative (b)
Use separate ways on both sides of the street with: highway=footway, but
none of foot/bicycle=designated/official
Without additional signs the paths on both sides of the road are sidewalks
(i.e. pedestrian use)

In all four cases there are in addition all the other tags like surface=;
smoothness=; lit=
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