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> On Apr 15, 2015, at 6:35 AM, Bryce Nesbitt <bryce2 at obviously.com> wrote:
> But there are cases where the trail-head has a given and well known NAME.
> So far I generally tag that on the parking area, but parking is not necessarily a requirement for having a trailhead.

The easy definition is: A place where you you officially enter or exit a wilderness area on a maintained trail or track *and* there is some kind of allowance for switching modes of transportation.

even easier: If the purpose is to park your car there and then leave the area, it is a trailhead. If the purpose is to park your car and stay there and have a BBQ and play in the creek, it is a park. 

There are named and unnamed trailheads, but any place you transition from driving, street biking, or walking on a street/sidewalk to hiking in a wilderness area  - that place where the transition takes place is a entrance=trailhead. 

To me, the easiest way to define a trailhead is a sign of some sort signed and maintained trail junction to the normal transportation network, along with some kind of parking area - a turnout, a small spot to get your car off the road, a place to saddle a horse, a place to leave a car and unload a bicycle etc.  Up from that is na information sign, nameboard (Wilderness park), paved parking with driveways, water, bathrooms, staging area, and after that it turns into a park - grass, picnic areas, playgrounds, etc. 

This is why separating the actual entrance from the area is useful - 

The trailhead might be “outside” the wilderness area - a large park, with parking and amenities shared by the park; roadside parking;  a paved parking lot with bathrooms and gate that separates the parking lot from the path leading into the wilderness area.  

That gate / trail start point - the entrance where the highway=service meets highway=path (or track) is the entrance=trailhead, and the parking lot, driveway, bathrooms, etc is leisure=trailhead on the area. 

With some places, the “trailhead” is inside the park - it has a trashcan and a signboard as you enter, and a gate from the path/track to the street. 
The gate is entrance=trailhead, but there is no area - as there is no *special* area for staging, BUT normal roadside parking is available. mapping the amenities (Sign, trash can) are mapped normally. 

Understanding the last bit - at least normal parking is available - is a great definition for a trailhead. 

One of the places I hiked in Japan had a large parking lot, but the trail entrance was 200m down the road. there was absolutely no place to park at the entrance=trailhead, though the leisure=trailhead had a lot of amenities nearby.  You had to walk down the sidewalk, cross the street, and then start hiking. 

http://www.gunmajet.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/photo_06-584x441.jpg <http://www.gunmajet.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/photo_06-584x441.jpg>  The “P” is the leisure=trailhead in the lower left. the green line meeting the road at the bottom is the entrance=trailhead.

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