[Tagging] Way inside riverbank

Friedrich Volkmann bsd at volki.at
Sat Apr 18 07:08:42 UTC 2015

On 14.04.2015 15:59, moltonel 3x Combo wrote:
> Changing topics, I've just stumbled on the wiki on the "natural=water,
> water=river" tagging that I wasn't aware of and is supposed to replace
> waterway=riverbank. 4 years after being "approved", it still
> represents only about 3% of the riverbank tagging. I guess that the
> "it's more uniform and logical" argument wasn't compeling enough, and
> that "tagging at osm.org" != "osm community"...

I offer you another explanation:
Validator developers may have missed that voting, and therefore they did not
implement a "deprecated" warning.

Editor support for the new tags may be missing too. (I don't know, because I
use an editor where all tags have to be typed in manually.)

It's not documentation that helps spread new tags. It's editors and validators.

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