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Brandon Knight bknight430 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 21 03:31:50 UTC 2015

Thanks to the 9 or so of you that responded here and the 2 on the Talk page.

A few points:

* My definition of a trailhead as "the point at which a trail begins" was a
dictionary definition.  Others such as Oxford define it a "place where a
trail begins".  I think it is clear from that and from the excellent
examples that  Javbw gave that a trailhead is quite often thought of as an
actual area (sometimes named) and not just an access point, regardless of
how we choose to map it.  Updated the proposal page with a new definition.

* If the majority of points that serve as access to a trail fall within the
boundaries of larger trailhead area, then I agree that a trailhead as an
actual relation type is definitely overkill.  That part of the proposal
stemmed from my poor understanding of relations.

* Agree that it doesn't make sense to have a trailhead way (open,
non-area).  I was thinking that the trailhead in the access point
definition could actually be a short path, but in that instance it would be
either a small area or a node.

* I'm intrigued by the idea of separating the trailhead area from the
access point.  leisure=trailhead + entrance=trailhead makes the most sense
to me.  That way, one could still map a smaller trailhead (maybe a small
turnout and a sign) with just the entrance tag.  I saw mention of a
tourism=trailhead but am not sure how this fits into all of this.


1) For the instances in which the access point falls outside of the area,
could we map a leisure=trailhead and entrance=trailhead and then group them
into a site relation?

2) Currently, many maps/spatial databases outside of OSM represent
trailheads as points, regardless of the size of the area.  If represented
as point in OSM for simplicity sake, would it be appropriate to attach
bunch of yes/no tags for bathrooms, parking, information boards, etc?  One
of my motivations is for people to be able to locate and get information
about trailheads and accompanying features and it's not always possible to
micro-map the separate objects.

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