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Wed Apr 15 06:42:21 UTC 2015

> On Apr 15, 2015, at 1:34 PM, Warin <61sundowner at gmail.com> wrote:
>> The easy definition is: A place where you you officially enter or exit a wilderness area on a maintained trail or track *and* there is some kind of allowance for switching modes of transportation.
> Many 'trailheads' in my area have no additional parking, nor do they have a shelter, bench, water, toilets etc. Some have a sign .. some do not. 
> To me a 'trailhead' is simply a place where I can enter or leave a trail that is officially condoned.

Officially condoned is the biggest part. It shouldn’t be some deer trail or a tiny abandoned pathway into the brush, nor does it need to be a place where you can park a car - though in some places, that is almost implicit int he definition of trailhead. 

Switching modes of transportation may be as simple as getting off your road bike and putting on your hiking shoes - from road/sidewalk “walking” to “hiking” in the wilderness. 

However, if it is completely unsigned and there isn’t even a turnout, is it official, and not just an unofficial cut-through made by farmers or dog-walkers? 

This is another great reason for separating trailhead into the point on the way and and an area - the trails you speak of would have a point on the entrance, whereas the Mt Fuji 5th stations would be huge areas with many amenities and the trailhead entrance marked on a pedestrian road (it’s big!).


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