[Tagging] Outdoor DSLAM

Andreas Labres list at lab.at
Tue Apr 21 16:51:08 UTC 2015

> location=outdoor (It is actually outdoor)

This doesn't make sense to me. The location is given by the coordinates. If
those coordinates are within an area building=yes can be determined if necessary.

But "Outdoor DSLAM" is a fixed term (AFAICT) for this FTTC cabinets. Maybe
street_cabinet=FTTC might be a solution. But I think I'd prefer
street_cabinet=outdoor_dslam. This precisely enouth tells what it's about. And
it can be queried easily. Using 3 tags to specify one feature is error prone,
I'd say.

BTW, a telecom street cabinet can only be either a "Kabelverteiler" (which is a
passive wire distribution point) or an outdoor DSLAM, so it would make sense to
classify both with street_cabinet=...

> medium=copper (Land lines linked to it are made of copper).

It's FTTC (fiber to the cabinet), so it's fiber on the provider side. It's of
course copper for the "last mile". But this is all clear with the specification
"outdoor DSLAM".

Regarding fly's suggestion: a mast or communication tower can be equipped by
multiple antennas/masts with antennas. So the feature=yes/no solution is
necessary. But street cabinets tend to have only one "dedication".


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