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Wed Apr 22 11:07:20 UTC 2015

2015-04-21 18:51 GMT+02:00 Andreas Labres <list at lab.at>:

> > location=outdoor (It is actually outdoor)
> This doesn't make sense to me. The location is given by the coordinates. If
> those coordinates are within an area building=yes can be determined if
> necessary.

location=* is a bit more complex than "to be inside an OSM building area or

Furthermore and IMHO, it doesn't sound consistent to ask for a geospatial
lookup for the location and ask for street_cabinet=outdoor_dslam just
because it is "easy" to query.

If the "outdoor" data must be added, it should go in location=* instead of
creating a very particular value.

> But "Outdoor DSLAM" is a fixed term (AFAICT) for this FTTC cabinets. Maybe
> street_cabinet=FTTC might be a solution. But I think I'd prefer
> street_cabinet=outdoor_dslam. This precisely enouth tells what it's about.
> And
> it can be queried easily. Using 3 tags to specify one feature is error
> prone,
> I'd say.

DSLAM is a fixed term. It can be indoor inside a central office or outdoor
in a cabinet in the street.
This is exactly the same hardware inside

You can find them indoor too and telecom=dslam + location=indoor would be
really appreciated.

Thus, I don't see any clear reason to hardly link outdoor and dslam inside
a single tag value.
telecom=dslam + location=outdoor gives us more benefit than downgrades.

> BTW, a telecom street cabinet can only be either a "Kabelverteiler" (which
> is a
> passive wire distribution point) or an outdoor DSLAM, so it would make
> sense to
> classify both with street_cabinet=...

I've heard of passive connection points mapping and
telecom=connection_point sounds to be the selected value for this.

>  > medium=copper (Land lines linked to it are made of copper).
> It's FTTC (fiber to the cabinet), so it's fiber on the provider side. It's
> of
> course copper for the "last mile". But this is all clear with the
> specification
> "outdoor DSLAM".

I agree
I was talking of the service-side of the DSLAM, but telecom:medium (instead
of weak medium=*) isn't really clear

> Regarding fly's suggestion: a mast or communication tower can be equipped
> by
> multiple antennas/masts with antennas. So the feature=yes/no solution is
> necessary. But street cabinets tend to have only one "dedication".

If such occurs in reality, each mast and each cabinet should be tagged
separately and the whole site ref should be put in a relation containing
all that stuff.

The problem here is : what if several DSLAM are hosted in the same cabinet ?
Or worse : What if a DSLAM is hosted in a connection point cabinet ?

It's nearly the same question in power where transformers can be hanged at
pole's top.

It has been solved with power=pole + transformer=yes
So for DSLAM in a connection point : telecom=connection_point + dslam=*

Just my 2 cts for the last part of this mail

Cheers !

*Fran├žois Lacombe*

fl dot infosreseaux At gmail dot com
@InfosReseaux <http://www.twitter.com/InfosReseaux>
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