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Florian Lohoff f at zz.de
Wed Apr 22 16:39:06 UTC 2015

On Tue, Apr 21, 2015 at 06:51:08PM +0200, Andreas Labres wrote:
> > location=outdoor (It is actually outdoor)
> This doesn't make sense to me. The location is given by the coordinates. If
> those coordinates are within an area building=yes can be determined if necessary.
> But "Outdoor DSLAM" is a fixed term (AFAICT) for this FTTC cabinets. Maybe
> street_cabinet=FTTC might be a solution. But I think I'd prefer
> street_cabinet=outdoor_dslam. This precisely enouth tells what it's about. And
> it can be queried easily. Using 3 tags to specify one feature is error prone,
> I'd say.
> BTW, a telecom street cabinet can only be either a "Kabelverteiler" (which is a
> passive wire distribution point) or an outdoor DSLAM, so it would make sense to
> classify both with street_cabinet=...

It can be both but its you cant tell from the outside. In the "early
days" of the FTTC/DSLAM Rollout the German Telekom used to construct the
outdoor_dslam cabinets on top of the old cable distribution cabinets
(modulo the real casing). If my information is correct they stopped
doing so because of cost.

> > medium=copper (Land lines linked to it are made of copper).
> It's FTTC (fiber to the cabinet), so it's fiber on the provider side. It's of
> course copper for the "last mile". But this is all clear with the specification
> "outdoor DSLAM".
> Regarding fly's suggestion: a mast or communication tower can be equipped by
> multiple antennas/masts with antennas. So the feature=yes/no solution is
> necessary. But street cabinets tend to have only one "dedication".

This page has an Image of an outdoor_dslam casing with
the cable distribution part left intact.


You can see the construction process from de-casing the old distribution
cabinet and fitting the new outdoor_dslam casing around.

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