[Tagging] fire extinguisher class

Warin 61sundowner at gmail.com
Thu Apr 23 23:46:51 UTC 2015

While fire extinguishers have various codes ...

Extinguishers are placed by the requirements of possible fires in that 
location. So if you find one local to the fire it should be suitable for 
use there. Thus added tagging should serve little to no purpose.

Sorry to be so practical but people don't look for a map when faced with 
a fire .. they look for the red triangle that signifies a fire 
extinguisher location. They then take and try to use it on the fire, no 
stopping to read codes.


The problem becomes one of function .. 'refurbished' units have a very 
high failure rate. If you are in that situation .. try it before you 
drag it to the fire!

The thing professional fire fighters go by is the colour ... in an 
emergency they don't stop to read the codes.. they look at the colour.

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