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Florian LAINEZ winnerflo at free.fr
Fri Apr 24 09:34:10 UTC 2015

Hi everyone, thanks for your feedback, I can see that the topic is much
more complicated than I expected.

Let's sum up our proposals:

   1. Describe the classes fire_extinguisher_class=A
   2. Describe the local classes fire_extinguisher_class:uk=8A 55B 75F
   3. Describe the combustible fire_extinguisher_class=ordinary_combustibles
   4. Describe the kind of combustible fire_extinguisher:electrical=yes or
   5. Describe the type of powder fire_extinguisher_class=water
   6. Describe the written label fire_extinguisher:label=black

What I think of them:

   1. Describe the classes: they are not standard internationally and I
   think we should avoid them
   2. Describe the local classes: not suitable worldwide
   3. Describe the combustible: it requires to understand the kind of fire
   that is suitable for an extinguisher : It can be subjective as the brakets
   denote in the table here
   Also we would potentially have multiple keys e.g.
   4. Describe the kind of combustible: again it requires to understand the
   kind of fire that is suitable for an extinguisher
   5. Describe the type of powder: could be a good solution but the bad
   think is that we would potentially have multiple keys e.g.
   6. Describe the written label: difficult to standardise

It seems that none of these solutions is perfect, which one do you think
would be the best as an international standard?

My choice would be "5. Describe the type of powder" with the following keys:

   - water
   - foam
   - dry_powder
   - co2
   - wet_chemical
   - class_D
   - halon

Again, it's the only tag that describes the object itself without
interpretation and that can be standardised. Of course it would require a
conversion table, but either way I guess we'll have to go through this
Have a good day

2015-04-24 8:34 GMT+02:00 Martin Koppenhoefer <dieterdreist at gmail.com>:

> > Am 24.04.2015 um 01:46 schrieb Warin <61sundowner at gmail.com>:
> >
> > Extinguishers are placed by the requirements of possible fires in that
> location. So if you find one local to the fire it should be suitable for
> use there. Thus added tagging should serve little to no purpose.
> yes, it is clear that for extinguishing a fire you would rather look on
> the text on the extinguisher than on OSM. This thread is not about
> extinguishing fires but how to describe these objects if you want to
> cheers
> Martin
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