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2015-04-24 11:34 GMT+02:00 Florian LAINEZ <winnerflo at free.fr>:

>    1. Describe the classes: they are not standard internationally and I
>    think we should avoid them


>    1. Describe the local classes: not suitable worldwide

as long as you have correct country / standard namespaces, you can do this
and will have the information that is needed (but likely will have to be
normalized by the data consumer). This seems easy for the mapper though (he
can tag what he sees).

>    1.
>    2. Describe the combustible: it requires to understand the kind of
>    fire that is suitable for an extinguisher : It can be subjective as the
>    brakets denote in the table here
>    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fire_extinguisher#United_Kingdom
>    Also we would potentially have multiple keys e.g.
>    fire_extinguisher_class=ordinary_combustibles;flammable
>    liquid;electricity

we could have a table in the wiki that defines human readable values for
the classes that you can see on the extinguisher, e.g.
Comparison of fire classes American European UK Australian/Asian Fuel/heat
source Class A Class A Class A Class A Ordinary combustibles Class B Class
B Class B Class B Flammable liquids Class C Class C Class C Flammable gases
Class C UNCLASSIFIED UNCLASSIFIED Class E Electrical equipment Class D
Class D Class D Class D Combustible metals Class K Class F Class F Class F
Cooking oil or fat

The tag name could also be more explicit, e.g.

the values could be
ordinary_combustibles (or maybe "generic", "normal", "ordinary"?), liquids,
gases, electrical, metals, fat

>    1. Describe the kind of combustible: again it requires to understand
>    the kind of fire that is suitable for an extinguisher
again, could be a translation table in the wiki to normalize local standard
to normalized human readable value

>    1.
>    2. Describe the type of powder: could be a good solution but the bad
>    think is that we would potentially have multiple keys e.g.
>    fire_extinguisher_class=water;foam;dry_powder
the usual solution for avoiding multiple values is putting them in the key,

or more linguistically correct

My choice would be "5. Describe the type of powder" with the following keys:
>    - water
>    - foam
>    - dry_powder
>    - co2
>    - wet_chemical
>    - class_D
>    - halon
These seem to be different types of descriptions,

water, co2 and halon are describing the chemical material or group of

foam, dry_powder, wet_chemical are describing the shape and aggregate state

class_D is refering to some standard

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