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> > Am 25.04.2015 um 02:04 schrieb johnw <johnw at mac.com>:
> >
> > there is no documented craft=artist (as in canvas creator), but there is
> house painter. there is “sculptor" and "glaziery" so it looks as if
> craft=artist should be created (mentioning that it is not for
> sclupture/glass/photo based art)

> from a German point of view, if it's craft or handicraft it is not art ;-)
> I think "artist" is too generic, I'd prefer tags like painter, sculptor,
> video-artist, writer etc. and I believe there are very different typologies
> of places where artists work and (not) exhibit / sell.

I'm very familiar with artist studios in Seattle. I can't speak for the
world, but I know of buildings containing artist studios. The artists
include both 2D and sculptors that work in different mediums (metal, glass,
paint, stone) all working in the same building. Usually because the space
is inexpensive. I also know artists that rent space in commercial
buildings. I even know an artist that rents space in a medical research
facility campus.

I hate seeing us get into the distinction between craft and art. Many of
the struggling artists have their one of a kind work and a production line
which often doesn't include their name. The one of a kind is in my mind
art, while the production work is something that is art but not exactly.
Here, wood is considered a craft, but some work produced is truly art.

Let's create a tag artist_studio that can be followed with with a type, ie,
painter, printer, sculptor, etc. and medium such as  glass, metal, stone,
mixed, fabric, etc.


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