[Tagging] Artist studio?

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Sat Apr 25 19:44:16 UTC 2015

> Am 25.04.2015 um 02:04 schrieb johnw <johnw at mac.com>:
> there is no documented craft=artist (as in canvas creator), but there is house painter. there is “sculptor" and "glaziery" so it looks as if craft=artist should be created (mentioning that it is not for sclupture/glass/photo based art)

from a German point of view, if it's craft or handicraft it is not art ;-)
I think "artist" is too generic, I'd prefer tags like painter, sculptor, video-artist, writer etc. and I believe there are very different typologies of places where artists work and (not) exhibit / sell.


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