[Tagging] New Key capacity:*=n values

Lauri Kytömaa lkytomaa at gmail.com
Sat Aug 1 23:49:06 UTC 2015

(btw. I don't see any problems with capacity:x=* tags, just the access=* values)

John Willis wrote:
Either access=destination or access=permissive, depending on local
laws an practices. (or motor_vehicle=*)

rather access=no + emergency=yes

> a legally separated  group
When it's a group, it belongs in the key, not in the value. There's
two values that are a bit misleading (forestry and agriculture) but
that's because they are used differently, i.e. there are (rare) signs
which effectively mean "vehicles allowed only if used for agriculture"
and other signs applying to "vehicles registered as agricultural
vehicles" (not allowed, i.e. tractors and, possibly, other motorized


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