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johnw johnw at mac.com
Sun Aug 9 01:48:57 UTC 2015

So back to capacity:*=n discussion. 

-The vehicle parking lots I usually tag have the following kinds of parking spaces, marked with signs and broken up into groups (visible on service area signs):

 (Some values taken from the access=* key wiki page. http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:access#Land-based_transportation <http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:access#Land-based_transportation>)

car (of course)  

tourist_bus (there are parking lots for tour busses at many tourist attractions, airports, service areas, stations. This is not “bus,” as per access=* wiki, those are public transport busses) 

hgv (large delivery truck, no articulation or removable trailer, parking lots usually found in distribution centers). 

“Semi” truck - tractor-trailer - (unsure of what value to put, but they have separate larger and longer parking spaces than the standard HGV vehicle - probably 5% of HGV vehicles in Japan are giant articulated US style semi trucks. I have not seen a 5th wheel yet.). Japan calls them “trailer” trucks. Please [suggest a good tag value] for these articulated tractor-trailer semi vehicles. 

oversize  (no difference between bus & HGV, as there are long spaces for both to use. Japan calls them “big” vehicles.)  [suggested value]


Disabled (car)

disabled-van (extra room to side-unload a wheelchair via a ramp).  [suggested value]

Disabled-bus (separate parking adjacent to the location, as opposed to normal bus parking which is way out in the parking lot. Also, no adjacent spaces, since they need room to unload).  [suggested value]

These lots are usually broken up into groups -separate lots - so it would be easy to tag one as amenity=parking for cars, amenity=motorcycle_parking for motorcycles, but there is no “oversized” vehicle parking (bus parking, truck parking, “long parking", &  semi parking), which I know from travelling are common lots to see at tourist spots and road stations around the world - but looking at taginfo, Amenity=* only has 10 uses for values contain bus or truck parking. 

So I am proposing a new amenity key amenity=oversize_parking, and we can use a subkey (oversize=bus, truck, semi, caravan, construction, multi) to handle creation of the new lots. It should have a Bus or HGV vehicle icon.  This is not for vehicle storage (like boat parking), but rather just parking lots dedicated to oversized vehicles, as found in commercial, industrial, tourist, and motorway parking lots for daily use. 

I’m surprised there is no oversized or equivalent parking currently. 

and the creation of the capacity:*=n values above marked with [suggested value] to handle it in a mixed lot setting. 

I look forward to your feedback. 


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