[Tagging] highway=footway - Advanced definition: Distinction footway vs path

Greg Troxel gdt at ir.bbn.com
Wed Aug 5 23:37:15 UTC 2015

geow <kfsgeo at gmx.de> writes:

> I would like to propose an advanced definition of footway in order to have a
> classification criteria from "path".
> "highway=footway is used for pathways designated for pedestrians. The
> designation may be explicitly by a signpost, implicitly by law (like
> sidewalks if mapped as distinct ways) or obviously by structural design.
> Designated footpaths are primarily common in residential areas, but may also
> exist out-of-town (recreational environments, parklands etc.).

This is not unreasonable.  However, it has nothing to do with footway vs
path.  This rule applies equally to
  highway=path foot=designated

which are defined to be the same.
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