[Tagging] highway=footway - Advanced definition: Distinction footway vs path

John Willis johnw at mac.com
Thu Aug 6 10:33:56 UTC 2015

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> On Aug 6, 2015, at 6:49 PM, Ruben Maes <ruben.maes96 at gmail.com> wrote:
> ------+------ highway=footway  footway=sidewalk
>       |
> ======x====== highway=residential
>       |
>       highway=footway
>       footway=crossing
> And the x gets highway=crossing of course.


That is how I do it, except I tag the way that crosses as (iD preset) crosswalk from curb to curb, which shares a node with the road. So i don't need a tag on the node too, right? 

Sidewalks are so convoluted and make connections to other sidewalks that go between buildings and into parks - but don't connect to the roads (legally or are physically blocked with a hedge) except at crosswalks or roads without sidewalks. 

Adding both/left/right is a placeholder until an actual sidewalk can be tagged and crosswalks mapped. 

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