[Tagging] highway=footway - Advanced definition: Distinction footway vs path

Ruben Maes ruben.maes96 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 6 09:49:42 UTC 2015

 2015-08-06 11:24 GMT+02:00 John Willis <johnw at mac.com>:
> So far in the replies, Ive read a sidewalk isn't a footway (its lanes on
a road [no]) and a track in a wilderness park isn't a track (its a path
[uhh, no])
> Not being able to define sidewalks separately nor separate tracks from
trails means all of the mapping is untrustworthy for proper routing nor
proper rendering ***to represent the world as it exists***

You can use sidewalk=both/left/right.

When micromapping, I might draw sidewalks that are really separated from
the road separately. I always tag them with highway=footway +
footway=sidewalk. When I connect them near crossings, I do those parts
highway=footway + footway=crossing.

------+------ highway=footway  footway=sidewalk
======x====== highway=residential

And the x gets highway=crossing of course.
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