[Tagging] Feature Proposal - RFC - Husainiya

Andreas Goss andig88 at t-online.de
Fri Aug 21 10:34:53 UTC 2015

On 8/21/15 10:19 , John Willis wrote:
> When you live in places that don't have churches - churchyard is incorrect - especially when **it isn't mapping a yard**.
> I have temple grounds here. So churchyard is also not a neutral tag, therefore it is a garbage tag. It should be depreciated and erased.

Then we should maybe come up with a tag that covers the area around a 
place of worship. Sacred ground or something like that. I'm no saying 
churchyard was the perfect tag, but at lest it was very clear what it 
meant when used.

> And there are many complexes that have many many buildings associated with, yet are not a POW, so mapping it as a landuse - like we do for residential/commercial/retail/industrial facilities ***is more consistent***.

Sure, the problem is that landuse=religious will often clash with those. 
What if you have a brewery run by monks? What if you have housing that's 
owned by the church? In Germany the church is the largest private land 
owner, they own a lot of commercial building etc. are those then all 

Also if I have church do I now have to put landuse religious around it 
every time?

> The front lawn in front of an industrial complex is on landuse=industrial. Same with its office, parking lots, storage sheds, and everything else that isn't a drop forge.
> The exact same reasoning applies - and applies consistently - to a religious complex that is more than just a church.
> Would you be complaining that a parking lot for the industrial drop forge - sitting on the named landuse for the industrial facility- isn't right because "that parking lot is not a drop forge! What is the parking lot making?  It isn't a factory!!"
> Thats what I hear when people complain about landuse=religious - "are they worshipping a parking lot?? So stupid!"

No, my problem is much more when for example the church owns some 
offices somwhere does it then make that landuse=religious? Or as pointed 
out above if to landuses are possible, what do I use? The problem is 
landuse=religious isn't just expanding a bit around a place of worship 
like for example amenity=school/university. The way the tag is defined 
now I is supposed to be used every time there is something religious. 
Which is not really that good on the ground information and in my 
opinion not usefull when it comes to the church owning commercial, 
industial or residential buildings.

Catholic church owns apartmentcomplex in the middle of the citiy: 
landuse=religious o_O

> So myopic.
> Don't complain about
> A) what you don't need, yet others do.
> B) tags meant for a different usage in a different part of the world that may not apply to you and your corner of the globe.

A lot of these tags are used in Germany and close countries like the UK 
or Poland. So yeah I think I have a pretty good understanding when I 
look how they are used and how it is explained. And just looking at a 
few I would say 90% are used as what I would call church yard.

> And religious facilities may have a very different style, types of buildings, and layout than your bog standard church.
> Being inflexible enough to not get that only makes you look stupid, not the tag.

Being so fexible that the tag means nothing doesn't help either.

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