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>> A school operated by a church on separate land with separate facilites is a school. The sign out front says school. It is a school. It may be a religious school, so it has religion=* **but it is not the landuse of a facility dedicated to worship!**
> how/where do you draw the line? I'm sure they mostly will have a POW, sometimes also an important one.

I am not exactly sure. Maybe by the time I am done typing i will have a better answer. 

The places I have seen and visited seemed pretty easy to draw the line. 
I imagine there are places where it is basically two things mixed together. If it were me, there might be some dividing line in the grounds that is possible (separate halves of the grounds or separate entrances), but when it is truly mixed, it is subjective - and I am okay with that. 

My son's catholic college is part of a kindergarten/HS/college combo. 
It is very easy to map the college and kindergarten (and the historic missionary building) - but the HS is tough. The big HS buildings are built around a big church - you enter the high school to worship at it. The complex can be seem to the left of the pin in GoogleMaps. 

In this particular case - because it is built-into the school, and the sign out front says school - then the POW is an amenity (a big one!) of the school itself - I went to the graduation ceremony in it (and school talks are held in it) - so I would tag it as a school grounds, and the building itself as a church, with a POW on the church. 

And almost all of the land is used for HS related facilities - the grounds are dedicated to the school, not the church. 

In my other older "church with preschool" example, almost the entire grounds were dedicated to the church, not the 2 rooms of the preschool. So it is primarily a POW facility, so landuse=religious. 

"land Dedicated to a religious facility for worshipping and supporting activities of worshippers and visitors to the facility" 

"A single (named) landuse thats dedicated to those facilities"

The catholic HS fails both. Its land primarily dedicated to education and the activites of students (classrooms, pitch, track, pool,) and it is a single named landuse: High School. 

But where the line is drawn for something else, I'm not sure. How the people who operate it themselves are a big clue, though. 


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