[Tagging] diplomatic institutions (with tl;dr)

serpens-osm at gmx.de serpens-osm at gmx.de
Tue Aug 25 14:42:08 UTC 2015


thank you for your thoughts!

> diplomatic:country=ES

I don’t think that is the best solution. Why not? As I wrote:

>> The destination country is not always identical with addr:country – see for example the embassy of Ethiopia in Berlin (destination countries: Germany, Poland, Slovak Republic and Czech Republic), see http://aethiopien-botschaft.de/

So there is an embassy
- located in Berlin (addr:country=DE),
- the sending country is Ethiopia (diplomatic:sending_country=ET)
- and the destination countries are Germany, Poland, Slovak Republic and Czech Republic (diplomatic:destination_country=DE;PL;SK;CZ).

So every tag key makes sense (in my eyes).


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