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On Tuesday 2015-08-25 16:42 +0200, serpens-osm at gmx.de wrote:
> >> The destination country is not always identical with addr:country – see for example the embassy of Ethiopia in Berlin (destination countries: Germany, Poland, Slovak Republic and Czech Republic), see http://aethiopien-botschaft.de/
> So there is an embassy
> - located in Berlin (addr:country=DE),
> - the sending country is Ethiopia (diplomatic:sending_country=ET)
> - and the destination countries are Germany, Poland, Slovak Republic and Czech Republic (diplomatic:destination_country=DE;PL;SK;CZ).

Another example is that many (maybe all?) embassies to the Vatican
are actually located in Italy (in many cases separate from the
embassies to Italy, also located in Rome), e.g., around:


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