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>From my experience, American English makes much the same distinctions as 
what you are describing. You sometimes see a distinction between "rough 
carpenters", who install wall studs and the like, which won't end up being 
visible to the customer, and "finish carpenters", who install woodwork that 
will be visible, and thus need more skill.

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> Am 25.08.2015 um 10:33 schrieb Ruben Maes <ruben.maes96 at gmail.com>:
> Tuesday 25 August 2015 11:30:33, Warin:
>> As the post office is called an office I suppose it should go as 
>> office=post_office:-)
>> The more I think of a bank the more I think of it is an office.
>> Carpenter? If I want a repair done .. then it is a service? = office. If I 
>> want a new chair then a product? = shop. ?
> Or craft=carpenter[1].

or maybe joiner / cabinet maker? There might be subtle differences here, in 
Germany the carpenter (Zimmermann) is a profession making mostly structural 
wood work (walls, roofs, stairs etc) while cabinet makers are building and 
repairing wooden furniture and joiners (Bauschreiner/Bautischler) will make 
finishings like claddings (wall/ceiling), handrails, fixed (built in) 
furniture, doors and frames (usually not the structural part). There is 
some overlap and they might do parts of the other profession/specialization 
as well, but you are usually better off with asking someone to do the stuff 
they are specialized in (because they have the right tools and workshop and 
experience). The Schreiner(de) will have much smaller tolerances and will 
usually produce finer finishings while the Zimmermann (de, en:carpenter) 
will make more rough work which will either be visible outdoors or will 
likely be clad later by someone specialized in finer works.

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