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> On Aug 26, 2015, at 2:14 PM, Warin <61sundowner at gmail.com> wrote:
> So ALL shops should all be together under shops= (even though all shops are in fact amenities too). Same for offices.
> This reduces the amenity= values to those that are not offices nor shops.

I think the easiest way to define a shop is a retail building where customers go for goods and services. Retail includes service - you buy service at the location. 

A shoe shop or a shoe repair shop are both shops, and both deal with people who need new shoes or shoes repaired. 

shop is a shortening of retail shop. If we started over, I would rather use retail=* instead of shop=*. 

This might be a good solution to go about migrating people to the new system - use retail=* instead of shop=* 

shop=*  (retail=*)

There are plenty of businesses where people no not expect customers. My friend is an electrical engineer. He inspects factories for electrical problems. he has a small office. It is not a shop, but an office. Even big office buildings for lawyers are the same - An office will occasionally have visitors, but an office is not setup for serving customers, it caters to the tenants who use it for getting work done, even if that is client work. This is the big difference between a retail building and an office building - Apple HQ vs an Apple Store. there are visitors, clients, contractors, and fanboys visiting apple HQ all day. but the building’s purpose is for allowing the employees to do their job, not serve the people walking in with goods and services. that is the opposite in the retail stores. 

A craftsperson usually has a facility where they practice their craft, which is usually not a retail facility. I know we have a whole bunch of craft= for that.

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