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> indeed the buildings are just buildings (eventually with own names, start dates and other attributes) , it's not them to put the name for the "whole" complex on. But IMHO it's neither a landuse object, it's an object with a different tag that defines it. We still need a tag for gated communities? Fine, lets introduce one.

Why is that any different than a condo complex? 

both are privately owned residences with a common management/ HOA company, with access control on a well defined landuse. 

Why is tagging a residential thing different in any way from a industrial thing? why is the governmental stuff completely missing?

again. Confusing. 

Lay down a general category landuse. add a tag denoting it’s particulars ( is it a works, a mall,  a city hall complex, or a apartment complex?)

Add the building=* areas (church, office, apartment, industrial building) and the ref/name and all the other building crap.

lay down the roads and amenities inside the landuse.

if you want a tag to say “this residential area is a gated community” to put on the landuse (like adding mall or works or whatever) that’s fine. but my interest is standardizing and completing the landuse tag usage. 

Why have landuse at all if you don’t finish the categories it could be used for? 

Why have a landuse=* at all to denote area if you will deny its use (arbitrarily) for some kinds of building complexes but use it on others?

It really is a big mystery for me - and the fundamental conflict I an trying to solve - as standardizing the landuse=* tag would greatly help the mapping of urban and suburban cities - as not only laying out the primary landuse let you understand the city, and then adding the exception building or amenity *more accurately labels and represents the real world*  - not to mention getting rid of so much ambiguity and cruft on tagging things by their area (schools, hospitals, etc) - because eventually, every single square meter of a city will have it’s areas denotes - so why keep a scattershot and inconsistent method that varies across so many things? 

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