[Tagging] Swimming pools

Matthijs Melissen info at matthijsmelissen.nl
Fri Dec 18 22:09:45 UTC 2015

On 18 December 2015 at 21:46, Holger Jeromin <gmane at katur.de> wrote:
> I would be happy if this main tag would be water park, as many
>  mapper are using that because of the rendering already.

I suppose this is the best we have. If nobody comes up with a better
tag for the area around a swimming pool (indoors or outdoors), I'll
start a proposal to standardize on leisure=water_park. It would
perhaps slightly deviate from normal English usage but I don't see a
better way to disambiguate between swimming pool as water area and
swimming pool as the facility including amenities.

-- Matthijs

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