[Tagging] Wiki on amenity=waste_disposal Rewrite?

David Bannon dbannon at internode.on.net
Wed Feb 4 22:02:49 UTC 2015

On Thu, 2015-02-05 at 08:23 +1100, Warin wrote:

> The 'amenity=waste_disposal does not look to have been through an
> aproval process ... nor does any tag. The 'approval process' is
> voluntary .. 

Not sure I agree there !  There is an approval process, if a key/tag
gets the votes OR its agreed thats its widely used, then its "officially

Complying with the standard so established is voluntary. I guess thats
what you meant.

But thats probably not important, lets concentrate on camp_site.  Are
you suggesting we should throw out whats there now and define some
better terms ?  As you point out, existing ones may not be 'official'
and are not really a very good syntax. 

I'd personally like to make it a bit tidier but like Dave S, I'll go
with  the flow, as long as there is a flow !

For example, dump_point or dump_station is vastly preferable IMHO to a
[amenity=waste_disposal; waste=chemical_toilet] combination. 

I  think pitch v. campsite v. campground is lost, there are 56K uses of
campsite. If I had time, I see how many are in the UK ! Interestingly,
the tags we are discussing are not mentioned in camp_site

Incidentally, they use "pitch" as in "pitch a tent", I didn't get that.

Personally, I'd only put a new tag on the wiki in a proposal page. If we
agree, here, on things that work, I'd go that way.


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