[Tagging] Feature Proposal - RFC - key:rubbish=

Warin 61sundowner at gmail.com
Sun Feb 8 22:15:10 UTC 2015

A proposal for a new high level tag of .. Rubbish :-)


At present there as a number of 'waste' values under the amenity key. 
Some people say the amenity key is being over used. There are people 
thinking of adding more waste values to the amenity key. So there is a 
case for a high level new key for waste facilities. The number of 
possible values of this is key I estimate at 27. Don't fixate on the 
values of this key - the ones shown are examples only .. and would need 
there own separate proposals.

Unfortunately the key waste= is already in use, so to avoid conflicts 
and mistakes a new name should be used - thus 'rubbish'.

Is there a better way? So far the choices look to be;

A) More values under the key amenity such as amenity=waste_dump_station?
B) More values under amenity=waste_disposal in the key waste=?
C) New top level key rubbish= with new values under that?

Any other options?
And what one do you prefer? May be a why would be good.

Personally .. I don't know. I think a new top level tag would be good in 
that it does separte it out from hte others and provides a clear path 
for new rubbish tags. But I also acknowledge the problems/work that this 
would introduce. On htewhole I'd go with the neew top level tag, I like 
a good structure, but any other good ideas or arguments can easily sway 
my present view.

I'd like to leave the comments open for 3 weeks .. unless there is a 
vast amount of comments made and changes/additions to the different 
choices that could be made.
So possible closure on 2 march?

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