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Friedrich Volkmann bsd at volki.at
Mon Feb 9 07:42:40 UTC 2015

On 08.02.2015 22:17, Warin wrote:

>> >From a technical point of view they are typically associated with fire protection (way to leave the building, access for firefighters), 
> If the courtyard is fully enclosed by buildings or by one building .. they
> are not part of a fire escape (protection), those require exit to an open
> area - not one that is fully enclosed. So the use as fire protection will
> depend on  the courtyard. And my thinking is that a true 'courtyard' is
> fully enclosed?

We need to be able to map partially enclosed courtyards as well, e.g.:
(The courtyards are named Hof 1 ... Hof 7.)

But I agree that a courtyard *typically* is fully enclosed by buildings,
thus not an emergency feature. There's an approved tag entrance=emergency
for emergency exits, and I'd suggest a tag like emergency=access for spots
and alleys designed to be accessible for fire fighters.

I think that, from a technical point view, the main function of a courtyard
is to yield sunlight to building rooms that are not adjacent to the
building's outer margin. All other uses, such as recreation, parking or
emergency access, are subsequent.

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