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Warin 61sundowner at gmail.com
Fri Feb 13 23:43:44 UTC 2015

On 12/02/2015 5:38 PM, johnw wrote:
> tepid and mild are synonyms, so tepid should cover mild in that way. usually tepid is for liquids, and mild is for air / weather, when it comes to temperature, AFAIK.
> Is ambient is for the ambient air/weather, ambient ground temp, or ambient material temperature? the ambient temperature of the air at the beach is 30-40C.the water’s ambient temp from the shower nozzle is much lower, thanks to it being underground (15-20C?).
Underground temperatures change depending on where you are .. permafrost 
areas are below 0, deserts may be above 26 C.
> I think having some human scale values is important - and weather that is a mechanically / chemically / or naturally occurring temperature should be left up to the subtag values.

Yep. After all it is how we humans asses things. As a 'general guide' 
most 'westerners' sense 21 C as a desirable temperature.. Those living 
in the tropics would like a warmer temperature, I'm thinking of Darwin, 
Australia where the daily maximum is around 32 C .. any season. The 
residents do get use to that temperature, they put jumpers on at 25 C.
> Javbw
>> I'll put in the 'dangerous' ones ... another subjective level either side of ambient but reasonably easy to explain .. but mild defies me for the moment.
>> --------------------
>> Should I remove tepid .. I don't think many would know it or use it considering the definition I've given for the 'cold water' tap.

I've put up the dangerously_hot/cold values .. used the word dangerously 
as that is more a description.

Not certain about 'mild' .. need more time to think about it?

II have separated out the 'associated tags' into the complimentary and 
additional types of tags ... I think that is better than lumping them 
together as it may confuse where this tag can be added, and then what 
tags can be added to this tag. Perhaps these words need to be looked at 
.. and added to the proposal page? I do think the information is usefull.

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