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johnw johnw at mac.com
Thu Feb 12 06:38:11 UTC 2015

tepid and mild are synonyms, so tepid should cover mild in that way. usually tepid is for liquids, and mild is for air / weather, when it comes to temperature, AFAIK. 

Is ambient is for the ambient air/weather, ambient ground temp, or ambient material temperature? the ambient temperature of the air at the beach is 30-40C.the water’s ambient temp from the shower nozzle is much lower, thanks to it being underground (15-20C?).  Ambient requires knowledge of the surrounding area - but we are trying to use qualitative words based on human range.  If I stick your hand in a pot of water, and it is tepid - is that the ambient temperature of where I got the water? how is that expressed? the fact that it is tepid/mild says nothing about the ambient temperature of where it came from.

again - this is subjective or qualitative.  a “tepid” 25C cave is quite nice in a 50C desert. 

Trying to match qualitative words to C values would be difficult - and impossible if it is for different mediums (air water, metal, etc). 

or is that the exercise? to match qualitative words to known C value ranges for the purpose of the Wiki?

I think having some human scale values is important - and weather that is a mechanically / chemically / or naturally occurring temperature should be left up to the subtag values. 


> I'll put in the 'dangerous' ones ... another subjective level either side of ambient but reasonably easy to explain .. but mild defies me for the moment. 
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> Should I remove tepid .. I don't think many would know it or use it considering the definition I've given for the 'cold water' tap. 
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