[Tagging] Change of rendering: place of worship and, terminal without building tag

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Sun Feb 15 09:52:52 UTC 2015

On 15/02/2015 01:24, Warin wrote:
> What 'landuse' would you say it is? It does not fit in any of the 
> values given on the wiki
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:landuse
> There are over 2,900 tagged landuse=religious currently. as shown by 
> the taginfo.
You can't always take taginfo numbers at face value.  For example, in 
the UK much of the usage of "landuse=religious" was introduced by this 


That includes many examples such as this one:


which was previously "landuse=churchyard" but was changed to the less 
descriptive "landuse=religious".  Now it may be that, following a visit, 
it was clear that for some reason a "landuse=churchyard" tag wasn't 
appropriate here, and it's possible (but unlikely) that there were 
visits to similar churchyards the length and breadth of the UK, but I 
somehow doubt it.  I've now asked in a changeset discussion comment what 
the source of that change was.

It's true however that there are also examples where local mappers have 
found "landuse=religious" useful:


That's just "the area around a church building", but isn't really a 
churchyard as such.



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