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On 19/02/2015 7:44 PM, Martin Koppenhoefer wrote:
> there are also few amenity=maze and historic and tourism.
> The key attraction is used according to the wiki for features on a playground or in a theme park.
> Given the huge variety of maze types (ranging from built ones in masonry, ones made of vegetation to those ornaments carved into historic buildings, etc) I'm in favor of distinguishing with different keys. Mazes are a very broad topic, with great history (the first work of an architect was a maze, Daedalos built it according to Greek mythology to tame the Minotaur).
> Currently we seem to lack documentation which tag to use for which kind of maze. Rather than unifying the tags we should try to get the docu clear and decide which tag to use for the different manifestations of mazes.
> cheers
> Martin

The usuall OSM practice is to have one tag xxx=maze and then have a sub 
tag to distinguish the type of maze. Why this exception .. other than 
poor practice in the past?

By having several =maze possibilities;

a)  the mappers may well make errors .. that cannot be detected other 
than by being on the ground.

b) the mapper may not know what type of maze it is .. and thus either 
not enter it or make a guess.

My preference is for one tag xxxx=maze .. if a distinction is to be made 
between them then use a sub tag.. but there does not look to be enough 
of them for that to be worthwhile?

So the choice for tags so far is

attraction=maze ... looks too restrictive if restrained to only 
amusement parks.
historic=maze ..looks too restrictive as new mazes would be excluded.
    So I'd exclude the above two.


I'd be tossing a coin to chose between the three.

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