[Tagging] Feature Proposal - RFC - parking=storage: additional values for key parking

John Willis johnw at mac.com
Sun Feb 22 06:09:44 UTC 2015

> Me too. restaurant, fast_food, pub, restaurant, ice_cream, beer garden, cafe and bar for example should be shop= not amenity .. for my thinking. 


> shop=storage to me means a shop that sells bags, boxes .. stuff to store things in ... not the space to store stuff in. 

In America, they're are "box shops" - usually they offer mailing boxes - and then there is some kind of organization store - like the chain like "the container store" which sells boxes, bags, plastic containers and other items for organizing your house, along with kitchen and travel organization things (including certain suitcases, but the focus is that is in the suitcase) 

> so shop=vehicle_storage would be better if it is to be shop=. 

Sounds fine to me^^

> ---------------------------
> Though amenities don't have to be free e.g. bbq .. some are free, some have a fee. 

Fee or free - it is an amenity of the facility - a vending machine, a gym, a ice machine, a picnic area - all may have fees or access restrictions - but they are amenities of the location. 

So many of the amenity tags are written as if they are an amenity of the town - and maybe when OSM started, that was the case (I wasn't around), but it certainly seems to me that now we are mapping amenities of a location/facility/complex scale - not on a town/city/ neighborhood scale. 

Landuse encompasses the location;
Buildings & amenity areas map out the major buildings and features inside a landuse;
Amenity tags point out different 1x1m sized amenities inside the buildings and areas, such a drinking fountains, benches, etc.

One can dream ! ^_^

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