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Sun Feb 22 12:12:53 UTC 2015

I’m trying to tag businesses in Japan, and 2 common sports businesses I have seen are Golf Driving Ranges  - giant netted monstrosities that are everywhere all over Japan. I mean everywhere - there are tons of them.  They are not part of a golf course, just a stand-alone business on a hill, in a field, or occasionally on top of buildings in big towns.  They are often the tallest structure in a rural town. 

The next is batting cages - small areas with enclosed pitching machines, arranged linearly like a driving range, but with pitching machines and a much smaller enclosed area. there are several just in my little town. 

I saw there is a golf=driving_range - so I was tagging the driving range itself as a pitch and then the (sometimes 2-3 story) building that you drive from, and then finally on the commercial landuse sports=golf + golf=driving_range. (this is where the fence=net came up).

There are also a lot of batting practice places - the national sport of Japan is baseball, and a common High school sport, so there are a lot of commercial (and occasionally some private) batting cages. 

They are not part of a greater sports complex, but a business you go just to practice batting.  There are usually pitching practice cages at baseball fields as well. 

I was trying to figure out how to tag a batting cage business today. 

I found an old proposal for “practice pitch” 

http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/Practice_pitch <http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/Practice_pitch>

which might be good to revisit and approve, as these facilities are clearly not for the playing, but rather the practice of a specific aspect of the sport.  I feel kinda guilty tagging a drivng range or a batting practice netted area as a “pitch” because only the ball collection machines go there - but it is also clearly where the practice is happening. 

If this approach isn’t correct, please let me know how to tag a baseball batting practice business. 

Otherwise I will try to clean up this proposal for RFC and voting.


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