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On 19/02/2015 8:55 PM, Martin Koppenhoefer wrote:
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>     The usuall OSM practice is to have one tag xxx=maze and then have
>     a sub tag to distinguish the type of maze. Why this exception ..
>     other than poor practice in the past?
> you seem to imply that there is just one way to look at the world. A=B 
> with subtypes of B, but a wall engraving is something completely 
> different (artwork) than a hedge or a ruin of an ancient religious 
> site, all of which can come in the form of a maze.
> E.g. we are _not_ tagging man_made=metal_plate and then distinguish
> metal_plate=memorial
> metal_plate=sluice_gate
> metal_plate=roof
> metal_plate=hole_cover
> etc.
> Instead we use building=roof for all kinds of roofs and 
> historic=memorial for some kinds of memorials, and don't care whether 
> they are made of a metal plate or not.
> There are infinite ways to structure / classify / interpret the world, 
> which are "main classes" and which are "sub classes" is something that 
> evolves within our open tagging system. There is no "usual OSM 
> practise" in a way it would determine how to classify mazes.

OSM usually tags what is seen on the ground ..

A stone sculpture is tagged

>     My preference is for one tag xxxx=maze .. if a distinction is to
>     be made between them then use a sub tag.. but there does not look
>     to be enough of them for that to be worthwhile?
>     So the choice for tags so far is
>     attraction=maze ... looks too restrictive if restrained to only
>     amusement parks.
>     historic=maze ..looks too restrictive as new mazes would be excluded.
>        So I'd exclude the above two.
>     amenity=maze
>     leisure=maze
>     tourism=maze
>     I'd be tossing a coin to chose between the three.
> to describe what kind of object?

A maze. Be it stone, hedge, etc within an amusement facility or not.

Given the above artwork example .. I'm inclined to the leisure=maze 
solution. As that would not conflict with an art work within the maze, 
nor a fountain (amenity=fountain) and not restrict it to an amusement 



Possible sub tags?

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