[Tagging] bridge=movable?

Dominik George nik at naturalnet.de
Fri Feb 27 12:42:14 UTC 2015


> What's the purpose of bridge=movable?

> bridge=movable
> bridge:movable=swing
> gives bridge=swing

One reason is mentioned in the introduction of the Wiki page:

"Note that this key may be used without tagging bridge=movable, to
indicate a formerly movable bridge that has been fixed shut."

In addition, the type of the movable bridge is a detail which maybe is
not necessary for most renderers or for navigation, so having a general
flag that a bridge is movable (thus delaying a route, for example) is a
good thing because renderers do not have to check each and every type of
movable bridge in the bridge key.

Be aware that the values mentioned in the wiki are not the only allowed
values for the bridge:movable=* tag. Someone might encounter a movable
bridge that does not fit one of the described tags. They'd invent a new
tag, discuss it, and draft it as an addition to the standard, but
nonetheless, the bridge can be marked as movable in general and renderes
will still do the right thing even though they do not know about the new


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