[Tagging] waterway=stream & oneway=1

Dave F. davefox at madasafish.com
Sat Jul 4 21:27:17 UTC 2015

Ah, that's one of my edits, but looking at it again I think I tagged it 
incorrectly. I contradict my own advice: "This relation does not 
describe the waterway, it describes a route a boat could take." 
Similarly, no route info should be on the way: As the oneway refers to 
the route taken by a boat & not the flow direction I think it should be 
added to the the route relation as role:backward.

Dave F.

On 04/07/2015 21:37, Volker Schmidt wrote:
> answer: oneway=-1
> Have a look at this Overpass turbo query: http://overpass-turbo.eu/s/ag9.
> A nice example is this one:
> http://osm.org/go/eukqnN8ao--?layers=CD&m=&node=348013974
> Have at it with Bing
> (which by coincidence shows a very nice example of a false curve on 
> the road under the canal, caused by lack of perspective correction. 
> The road is straight)
> Volker

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