[Tagging] service=rural (Was Rural Alley?)

johnw johnw at mac.com
Sun Jul 12 02:55:16 UTC 2015

> On Jul 12, 2015, at 10:39 AM, Andrew Errington <erringtona at gmail.com> wrote:
>  I think is is sufficient
> to tag them with highway=service.  Remember, service=* is simply
> clarifying the kind of service road.

yep, Just looking to document this use of highway=service

> To me, the hierarchy is obvious: motorway, trunk, primary, secondary,
> tertiary, unclassified, service, residential, track

service, to me, usually falls below residential. Alleys, driveways, private roads (inside a commercial or industrial complex) or these rural service roads seem to be “more local” than even residential roads. 

and everything is above track. Track is the last chance for motor vehicle access, no matter condition. ^_^


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