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I would say it depends if the untouched land is still in its original use or not.  If it is then mark it as planned, if it’s cordoned off waiting for the construction to get there then I would mark it as under construction.


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Ran into this issue today.  They are constructing a new trunk road in an area I’m mapping, an as is usual for Japan, they build the road in stages, completing one stage before they go to the next. I know, down to about 20m, the alignment of the sections to be built - so do I mark the whole road as construction=, or do I leave the section which hasn’t had the ground broken yet as “planned”?  even though the road as a whole is under construction and will be built?

Section under construction  (official Govt docs)



Half under construction, Right half not started yet.


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Linguistically I would say proposed comes before planned.  Planning
your wedding is not the same as proposing marriage!  


when you're planning to marry someone it might be much farther away then when you already propose wedding locations ;-)

I agree generally though, planned seems more advanced than proposed. 

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