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Thu Jul 16 13:11:14 UTC 2015

> On Jul 16, 2015, at 8:57 PM, moltonel 3x Combo <moltonel at gmail.com> wrote:
> Agreed. My understanding from johnw's mail was that the other sections
> were not even cordoned-off yet. In my experience (Ireland/France),
> this is the usual way that road builders do things.

Yea, the land in the planned sections has not been altered, just in the construction zone. 

I tagged that section as planned, so I’ll leave it that way. 

We should make a case with iD to correctly handle planned, as Under construction and proposed are shown correctly in the mapping software, but not yet with planned. Even if that tagged item is not rendered in -carto, it would be nice to have it parsed correctly in iD. 

Thanks for all the feedback. 

As far as the proposed/planned/construction thing goes, 

You propose a road, and it’s rough route for government approval *and* funding. 

Planned usually means a finalized route and finalized funding - even if that is a 5 year plan (like most motorways). 

No funding = still proposal. Usually this is announced on government web sites. 

Then the plan is carried out - construction begins. 

Proposed - Planned - construction. 

I would also say any motorway with a planned start date of more than 5 years out should be left at the proposal stage, and any other road greater than 2 years also at proposal.  

It may be anachronistic to put planned on the map - but it may be the only way people learn about the alignment of the route - and the potential changes a proposed motorway or trunk road would bring (good and bad) to their community.  I follow the opening of the Ring motorways in Tokyo now very closely, as the last sections are set to open before 2020 (construction in progress, but other sections are just “planned”) - as well as changes to the transportation system planned to open before the Olympics in 2020. People are complaining this will be the last year for certain fireworks festivals now, because of planned construction starting next year will take over the land used for spectators. 

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