[Tagging] Storm water control works?

John Willis johnw at mac.com
Sun Jul 19 01:03:58 UTC 2015

Question on storm drain tagging -

Most of the rivers here have storm levees to hold back the typhoon runoff (like right now in Kyoto) - and *every* single tiny stream and many drains from rice farming (drains are streams & streams are drains when everything goes through a field)  go into a culvert through the levee. The smaller ones have a hand operated valve at the top of the levee to close it, but the larger ones for a large stream/ tiny river have a large "pier" that sticks out into the dry riverbed, with electric valves that close, at the end of the pier,  sometimes with a roof or building protecting them. The valves are deep under the riverbed (as opposed to in the levee) and let the water join the river mid-stream when the river is high. 

This is beyond the massive tsunami gates that span whole rivers in Japan - 15m tall gates that close to block a tsunami/typhoon surge at the bay outlet. 

Several of them were washed away to their foundations by the last tsunami. 

Anyways - should we consider making a flood or storm surge control key? Or is this all under waterway somewhere?


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> On Jul 19, 2015, at 7:48 AM, Volker Schmidt <voschix at gmail.com> wrote:
> When I do more detailed mapping, I actually show the pipes that the water flows through.

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