[Tagging] man_made=works

Daniel Koć daniel at xn--ko-wla.pl
Mon Jun 1 21:19:40 UTC 2015

W dniu 01.06.2015 20:51, Martin Koppenhoefer napisał(a):

> no, that would be tagged area:highway=service

> not even, it is an area without directional traffic

I would say that the example is really the least important part here and 
you are nitpicking. =}

The same could be true with amenity=school+building=yes or 
building=yes+amenity=school (which one is really "top" here and which is 
just a property of it; or does it really matter?) and anything else.

What is important is that technically we got flat tagging scheme (not 
nested, nor even ordered one, probably with exception of relations), so 
it's up to us to say what is "top level". Or if we really wouldn't be 
able to act efficiently without such concept at all - which I have 
showed is not true in general.

"The train is always on time / The trick is to be ready to put your bags 
down" [A. Cohen]

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