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>> Why do you need to specify amenity = yes or tourism = yes  ? What do I
> learn from that ? Is this for the case that there are 2 reception desks on
> a property (thinking about a campsite here), where one is used by the
> tourist and the other for deliveries ?
> I still haven't figured out for myself whether top level keys bring a lot
> of benefits. I suppose they do for building or shop (see e.g. SK53 latest
> diary entry on shop statistics, which won't be possible with a top-level
> shop tag).
> But does it help for things "amenity", leisure or tourism, which are
> really collections of totally different things ? Would they be better off
> without those top level tags ?
> regards
> m
It's a good question. Highway ,building, barrier  - seem 'data strong' but
'manmade', 'amenity' and the like are REALLY weak as they give no clue
about the object that's of any value to anyone.

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