[Tagging] Big amenity=fountain

Daniel Koć daniel at xn--ko-wla.pl
Tue Jun 2 14:10:14 UTC 2015

W dniu 01.06.2015 0:52, Warin napisał(a):

>> I'd keep amenity=fountain and render just a name (zoomlevel area
>> size dependent ) with no icon, and would use

I think we should render areas with just a name, but points with both a 
name (if available) and the icon. Here's my draft on tagging and 
rendering it:


I guess it's time to try to make a rendering test. All the comments are 

>> man_made=nozzle or maybe
>> waterway=nozzle
>> for the single nozzle (not rendered in default style or rendered
>> just with a small dot)

Would be good to choose what type nozzle could be. As we like to use it 
for rendering in the fountains, the water nozzle can be different (blue) 
from possible nozzle types - do we know any other type suitable for 

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