[Tagging] RFD tag:shop=camera?

johnw johnw at mac.com
Wed Jun 3 09:50:26 UTC 2015

Chain stores usually deal in camera sales and prints with a smattering of accessories and services, or a store that does head shots also rents gear or the like. They are usually a mixed bag. 

But even in my sleepy little town, there is a “camera” store. 

It is not a photo store, he doesn’t sell film, memory cards or prints. 

It’s not a portrait studio, he doesn’t take your picture. 

It’s not a camera repair only store (Like Kurt’s Camera in San Diego) 

He just sells camera gear. Mostly pre-owned. Only camera gear. 

just as there is a HiFi shop and an Electronics Shop, there is also a camera shop. And probably some other designated shops for every individual category of anything and everything ever made (hubcap shop, anyone? I bet somewhere in China there is a Blender shop. And a USB cable shop. 

Just defining a new value for shop=should be trivial, as long as it is documented first - as there are hundreds of shops that sell things and services that are not well defined. 

How many people are going to understand that I need a “wooden home goods” shop tag? There is an old traditional store that sells all the things for your house - from yard tools, to buckets, to bathtubs - made out of wood by an expert craftsman. They are not ornamental goods - you use them.  It is a Very Japanese store, and I should be able to craft and document a tag without too much voting trouble - as convincing people used to buying a plastic bucket at a home store that this class of store exists, and it isn’t similar to anything else is impossible - and tagging it correctly with the categories expected by the local users of the data makes the OSM database more useful in Japan is more important than if the tag is universally usable to all data customers (in countries who don’t care nor understand the categories, countries, or users of their service outside their home area anyways,). 

So if there is a specialty shop ( a wig shop, a light bulb shop, A shop only dealing with sewing machines, A shop just for shaved ice) - getting a tag made should be straightforward.

What we really really, desperately need is a documented and “approved” way of adding more than one of these categories to a single shop, when a standard definition doesn’t fit (Pogs & Ammunition is the most famous I know). 

AND putting it into some category or categories. This might mean subtags and sub-subtags - but it can grow to the correct size better than a flat list - espcially since we can’t add two tags with shop= currently (unless we approve shop1=foo shop2=bar, etc. 

Getting the pure specialty shops tagged is easy - it’s when shops have an odd combination of 2 or 3 of them - and are not a “class” of shop worth creating a new shop=tag for (like Pogs & ammo). 


> On Jun 3, 2015, at 4:48 PM, Martin Koppenhoefer <dieterdreist at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Am 03.06.2015 um 04:25 schrieb Warin <61sundowner at gmail.com>:
>> I've added the tag shop=camera on a node .. reflecting ONE shop I have mapped. 
>> There are others that I can tag (when I get to them). 
>> They sell cameras, video or still, tripods, memory cards, filters etc etc.
> is this really needed? There is also shop=photo which seems to overlap. There are also shops for movie cameras, but they don't fit into the video or still definition, while they are mainly the kind of object not already covered by shop=photo
> Usage of shop=camera is around 2% of shop=photo
> cheers
> Martin
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