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On 3 June 2015 at 07:00, Maarten Deen <mdeen at xs4all.nl> wrote:

> On 2015-06-03 02:04, pmailkeey . wrote:
>> iD shows oneway=unknown if it's not set. If it's unknown, iD should
>> not show oneway at all.
> I agree.
>  In OSM if oneway=no then it's not oneway and the oneway tag should not
>> appear at all.
> Here I don't agree.
>  The only time oneway should appear is in the case of oneway=yes - and
>> the '=yes' is superfluous.
> Some roads are implied oneway. E.g. junction=roundabout and
> highway=motorway both imply that the road is one-way only. If for some
> reason the object in case is not oneway, a oneway=no tag is very much
> needed.
> I agree that in every case where oneway=yes is not implied, oneway=no is
> superfluous (in a network design way), but that does not make oneway=no
> superfluous.
> There is also the occurence of oneway=-1 in case someone reverses the
> direction of a way. What should be done when the only possibility for
> oneway is either set or unset and the direction gets reversed? Should
> reversing be disallowed? Should you get a warning "oneway street can not be
> reversed"?
> Maarten
Are the world of random renderers going to look for junction=roundabout and
make the same oneway assumption ? Would it not be better for
'junction=roundabout' to cause a mechanical edit by adding the oneway tag -
so that rather than saying =no, the tag could simply be removed ?

What reason is there for reversing the way - as presumably all
direction-dependent tags have + / - options ? Leads to the question as to
why make oneway an exception to this rule - it seems most logical to have
oneway as the direction as indicated rather than against.

Them's my thoughts !

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