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The oneway=yes, oneway=no conundrum...... put yourself in the position
where you are looking at a road ahead of you. It is only wide enough for
one vehicle but has passing bays along it's length. It is not wide enough
to be a conventional twoway road so can it be tagged twoway? That would
give the impression that cars can progress along it in opposite directions
at the same time....that would be incorrect. But neither direction has the
right of way and it is up to driver discretion and politeness as to who
will reverse back to the passing bay. So oneway=no but twoway is not
necessary yes.

As is the case of a narrow bridge where traffic from one side has to give
way to traffic from the other side because the bridge is only wide enough
for one vehicle so is it a single lane twoway or single lane oneway=no. You
cannot indicate that cars can go in both directions at the same time so it
is a oneway in both directions. So oneway=no would indicate that adequately

I know.. it sounded confusing when I was trying to write it so if it sounds
weird it probably is... but it does exist. Just how to tag it without using

On 4 June 2015 at 16:08, pmailkeey . <pmailkeey at googlemail.com> wrote:

> On 3 June 2015 at 07:00, Maarten Deen <mdeen at xs4all.nl> wrote:
>> On 2015-06-03 02:04, pmailkeey . wrote:
>>> iD shows oneway=unknown if it's not set. If it's unknown, iD should
>>> not show oneway at all.
>> I agree.
>>  In OSM if oneway=no then it's not oneway and the oneway tag should not
>>> appear at all.
>> Here I don't agree.
>>  The only time oneway should appear is in the case of oneway=yes - and
>>> the '=yes' is superfluous.
>> Some roads are implied oneway. E.g. junction=roundabout and
>> highway=motorway both imply that the road is one-way only. If for some
>> reason the object in case is not oneway, a oneway=no tag is very much
>> needed.
>> I agree that in every case where oneway=yes is not implied, oneway=no is
>> superfluous (in a network design way), but that does not make oneway=no
>> superfluous.
>> There is also the occurence of oneway=-1 in case someone reverses the
>> direction of a way. What should be done when the only possibility for
>> oneway is either set or unset and the direction gets reversed? Should
>> reversing be disallowed? Should you get a warning "oneway street can not be
>> reversed"?
>> Maarten
> Are the world of random renderers going to look for junction=roundabout
> and make the same oneway assumption ? Would it not be better for
> 'junction=roundabout' to cause a mechanical edit by adding the oneway tag -
> so that rather than saying =no, the tag could simply be removed ?
> What reason is there for reversing the way - as presumably all
> direction-dependent tags have + / - options ? Leads to the question as to
> why make oneway an exception to this rule - it seems most logical to have
> oneway as the direction as indicated rather than against.
> Them's my thoughts !
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